Entertainment services

A number of service providers organise a various and varying entertainment and recreational services in Hailuoto.  The services cover excursions and trips, guided tours, sightseeing, courses and Hailuoto Days with a specific theme. Services available for e.g. stag and hen nights. The programme can be tailored to the group’s wishes and needs. There are various options available for small and large groups alike. Have a look at the services provided by local guides, too.

Fishing trips

Arto Vähämetsä organises fishing trips – by boat in summer and by snowmobile in winter.

A cruise on a fishing boat Jussa

On a mini cruise aboard Jussa, a fishing boat, you can admire Marjaniemi from the sea.

Additional information

Riitta Rantapirkola
Tel. +35840 770 1239

Tuomo Annunen
Tel. +35840 014 2954

Food excursion

Art Food Design organises food excursions and guided tours round the island.

Wilderness horse riding

Heikkisen Haka organises Icelandic horse riding, both in a paddock and trail riding.

Wild herbs to use

VilliVoima organises wild herb courses and wild mushroom picking walks. Field trips tailored for groups may vary from two hours to two days.

Activity packages for groups

Luotsi hotel has ready-made activity packages, including pool float polo, InHouse Derby and archery.