Artisan shops

Käsityöliikkeet 900x350

Artisan tradition is still strong in Hailuoto. The famous traditional local pullovers have been keeping fishermen warm and protected them from the raw sea air since 19th century. The traditional local pullover is knitted of lambswool in one piece with decorative basket-weave pattern in the front.

The same decorative knit is used also for smaller pieces of clothing, for instance, for woolly socks and fingerless gloves. Artisan shops sell a diversity of handicrafts, traditionally prepared for generations.

Luovon Puoji, artisan shop

Luovon Puoji is a community founded by local artisans and their shop is in the middle of the village in the Kylätalo Pääkauppa building. Puoji business concept is strongly based in locals’ love of their unique island and way of life, culture and craftwork. Also new products in Luovon Puoji are based on the same concept: beautiful, sustainable and environment-friendly.

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Luovon Puoji