Download Hailuoto App

Hailuoto municipality together with Hailuoto Green & Blue -project have published Hailuoto App on 14th of May 2021. App is created for people living in Hailuoto, for travelers and all of those interested in Hailuoto and its sights. You can get the app on AppStore and Google Play, and it is found by the name of “Hailuoto”.

Hailuoto App shows you the information of local companies and services, events and news easily and quickly. You can for example navigate the trails, check the information and services of the companies and save the most important events to your phone’s calendar. You can also find the ferry timetable and important contact information of Hailuoto Municipality.

-The app is created together with Hailuodon Elinkeinotoimijat and Hailuoto municipality in  Hailuoto Green & Blue -project. The project aims for making the services more accessible and easier to find. In addition to the app we also create Visit Hailuoto operations model, and also new products and services for tourism already available during the Summer season of 2021, says project coordinator Saana Peurasaari cheerily.

In the future app will be developed more and we want to hear development ideas from the users. The aim is to have a versatile product that makes it easier to visit Hailuoto all year round.


Download the app on AppStore for Apple iOS:


Download the app on Google Play for Android:


Only available in Finnish for now!