Marjaniemi and the lighthouse

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Marjaniemi is the westernmost point in the island at the end of the road in Hailuoto. Marjaniemi is endless open spaces, the sun and wind, fish and seafaring, history and future.

Marjaniemi has been a harbour and a fishing location for hundreds of years. It is still an important harbour in the Bothnian Bay. The importance of fishing in the old days for the fishing village and villagers is still present today.  Even today, considerable amounts of herring, whitefish and salmon are unloaded from ships in the harbour. Perch has become an important catch after the number of seals increased.

Pilotage started in Marjaniemi in the 18th century and still continues.  One of the most popular attractions in Hailuoto is the Marjaniemi lighthouse, built in 1871 and opened on September 3rd 1872, guiding the sailors for a long time now.

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