Hailuoto Organum

Hailuoto Organum 900x350

Hailuoto Organum is a concrete piece of spatial art by Hai Art in Ulkokarvo. The piece was designed by a distinguished acoustic artist, Lukas Kühne. Previously he designed similar pieces of art in Estonia and Iceland.

The sculpture is an installation of three interconnecting domes with individual resonance corresponding to a note and acting as a natural amplifier.

Its round shape was selected for its acoustic properties while its visual qualities interact in harmony with the surrounding landscape. The sculpture is accessible and affects both visual and acoustic senses – in Organum one can sing, speak, listen to silence or have a piano concert if they so wish.

The sculpture was built in Ulkokarvo, in the forest side on elevated land as far from the waterline as possible. The sculpture blends beautifully in the environment accentuating its characteristics.  The artists have previous experience of similar projects installing art pieces with no disturbance to the surrounding area.

Hailuoto Organum installation was built in summer 2014. The production was carried out within Hai Art Soiva Saari Project and with support provided by Goethe-Institut Finnland.


Hailuoto Organum ajo-ohje 900x350

When driving on Luovontie, turn to Petsamontie (sign: Ulkokarvo) and drive to the end of the road. In the car park, you see a signboard with information about Oreganum and directions to the site. Oreganum is about 50 metres from the car park.