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Hailuoto is very popular with hunters in autumn. Waterfowl population has remained stable and the start of traditional duck hunting season always attracts a large number of hunters to the island. At times, a very dense elk population provides an opportunity for large game hunting.

Elks, hares, brown hares, black grouse, wood pigeons, woodcocks, ducks, and geese can be hunted in Hailuoto.

Hunting licences

Waterfowl licences

  • Riutunkarin kahvila
  • Grilli Farestiina
  • Cafe Purseri
  • K-Market Marjakas
  • Sale Hailuoto
  • Luotsihotelli
  • Luovon Puikkari
  • Tiura Uistin, a fishing gear shop in Oulu

Small wild game licences

Hare licences sold by Hailuoto Hunting Club 25 € / day. The licence is for one hare.

  • Riutunkarin kahvila
  • Grilli Farestiina
  • K-Market Marjakas

Additional information

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