Guided tours

Hailuoto Association’s local guides are at your service in Hailuoto. Also entertainment service providers have a wide range of guided tours and excursions available.

Local guides

Hailuoto Association’s local guides are Hailuoto residents from various walks of life. A guide may be hired for an hour’s visit to one of the attractions or for a day’s guided sightseeing tour.  The sites and duration of the tour can be tailored to the group’s interests together with the guide, but the guides have also ready-made programmes available.

The attractions may include, among other things, Marjaniemi Lighthouse, Metsähallitus Nature exhibition, local heritage museum Kniivilä, and the church and cemetery in Hailuoto. The programme can also be built around a specific theme or interest preferred by the group. Themes may cover local fauna and flora, national landscape and conservation programmes in Hailuoto, guided wildlife and horseback riding tours, cultural history and stories and the Hailuoto of writers and painters. Guided tours available also in English. Contact details and fees here.

Entertainment service providers

Hospitality service providers also have guided theme tours, excursions, sightseeing tours and various courses available for visitors.