Enjoy Hailuoto Sustainably

We have five Natura 2000 areas and many private natural conservation areas in Hailuoto. Our island’s flora and fauna are fragile. Please respect the island and trek responsibly and sustainably. Staying on marked trails and paths we make sure that the terrain stays beautiful.

Did you know that Hailuoto’s Isomatala-Maasyvänlanhti area is the second richest birdwater area in Finland after Liminganlahti. Thousands of rare birds nest in Hailuoto every year. Leave the birds to nest in peace from middle of April to the end of July, keep your distance from the birds.

There lives islanders, cottagers and also wild and domesticated animals in Hailuoto national landscape. Please be considerate to everyone on the island and respect privacy of the houses and cottages, and leave herding grounds at peace.

Pick up all items and articles you brought with you, and pick up the trash to take with you. We live on an island, so we take care of keeping both the island and the sea litter free!

Always check the grass or forest fire warnings before starting a fire. Use only the official campfire sites to start the fire. According to Every man’s rights you’re only allowed to start open fire if you have the land owner’s permit.