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Wilderness trails, tall grasses by the seashore and ridges characterize the diverse landscapes of Hailuoto. Trekking through versatile terrain with outstanding scenery are well worth the hard work.

Hailuoto trails are marked in the trekking map by Hailuoto Map Service and the travel brochure available at the Village Hall, library, shops, cafes and restaurants or by e-mail at

Huts and campfires

Huts and campfire rings lie by the trails. Most popular resting spots are Sunijärvi and Maasyvänlahti huts. One more hut lies in Vaski. The huts have a wood-burning stove, a bench round the walls, a table, campfire ring outdoors, toilet and notice board. Vaski hut is accessible by car.

Kirkkosalmi and Syökärinlahti have resting spots. The trails lead directly to the resting spots and there is a campfire ring, table, benches and notice boards.

A trail leads from Marjaniemi and Ranta-Sumppu to a lean-to in Hannuksenlampi. There is a campfire ring and benches by the lean-to.  Two campfire sites lie also in the end of Marjaniemi Headland. Marjaniemi campfire sites are accessible by car.

Bird hides also locate by the trails. For trails, restring spots, and bird hides, please refer to Hailuoto Map Services.

Resting spots and campfire sites have firewood available. If there is no more firewood left, please contact the trail manager. Note, during the winter there is no maintenance.

Trail Manager

T:mi Huru-ukot, please contact via text messages, +35840 576 9800.