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More than 300 species have been spotted in Hailuoto. A number of bird hides are scattered around the island with different species to be seen in each of them. One of the most popular hides is in Kirkkosalmi, where ice thaws earlier than in the sea and therefore geese, swans, coots, ducks, and other waterfowl flock in there.

Moreover, migrating eagles, buzzards, and falcons may also be spotted from time to time. Coots, ducks, greylag geese and swans are the most common breeding species. Rare species breeding in the area include shelducks and gadwalls and the great bittern.

Bird hides

Kirkkosalmi bird hide stands over a lake cut off from the sea and ringed with reed beds. It is an excellent location in spring to watch spring migration of cormorants and raptors. Waterfowl and shorebird species are numerous and diversified. The best birdwatching season is from April to May. The bird hide has an easy access for a wheelchair, too.

Viinikanlahti bird hide lies in a meadow in Kutukari, down by the waterline on the north shore of the bay. The area is rich in waterfowl species. Numerous species nesting in the area include red-breasted mergansers and common redshanks. The best time for birdwatching is in April and May.

Syökarinjärvi bird hide is an excellent spot for observing the migration of birds of prey. Waterfowl species are numerous and diverse with a great bittern nesting in the area. The best time for birdwatching is from April to June.

Maasyvänlahti bird hide stands over a lake cut off from the sea and ringed with reeds. The hide is suitable for watching spring and autumn migration. Several species breeding among reeds in wetlands, e.g. water rail, nest in the area. The best time for birdwatching in Maasyvälahti bird hide is from May to June. There is also a resting spot, campfire ring and toilets.

For more information, please see bird hides in the map and Oulu bird hide brochure.