Beaches and swimming

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Hailuoto is well-known for its long sandy beaches and dunes. However, there are no official beaches with maintenance and lifeguards or security. There are no lifeguards and the locations along the shore are unofficial beaches, however, everyman’s right provides visitors public access to the beaches.

All visitors shall be aware that the sea water quality may not meet the standard set for bathing water. Bathing water quality is not regularly monitored on these beaches as it is on official beaches. As visitors exercise everyman’s right to public access to the beach they should consider not only other beachgoers but also the landowner.

Any items and litter taken to the beach or surrounding area should be disposed by taking them home as one does after any camping trip. Because Hailuoto beaches are not official beaches with lifeguards and security, there are no litter bins or facilities. When travelling with pets, for instance dogs shall be kept on leash from the beginning of March till 19th August in compliance with the Finnish Hunting Act.