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Hailuoto is famous for its awesome beaches and sunny summer days. The conditions are ideal for boating, camping, fishing, and cottage holidays. Trails and resting points offer peace and quiet as well as a wonderful setting for backpacking.

In autumn, hunters and berry-pickers arrive to the island. Delicious berries and mushrooms ripened in clean air are for the picking. Hunting season opens on 26 August with duck hunt. Traditionally, hunters arrive to Hailuoto from all corners of the country and the Hunt Ball is traditionally hosted at the Youth Club on 19th August. In spring and autumn birdwatchers arrive in Hailuoto as the island is a fine place to spot a variety of species.

Artic winter conditions in Hailuoto offer exotic outdoor activities. The vast horizon, silence of the frozen sea, and skiing, ice-fishing, snowmobile riding and other winter activities are well worthwhile. In winter, Hailuoto has also ice road access for a part of the season.

Ice floe and the return of migratory birds are the first signs of spring. A number of rare species can be spotted and several bird hides locate in Hailuoto. Sometimes also a seal can be spotted sunbathing on the edge of ice.