Your wellbeing

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One central objective of Hailuoto municipality is to look after the wellbeing of its residents. The municipality provides basic services to safeguard the basic conditions for the residents’ wellbeing. With its practices, Hailuoto municipality aims at keeping the island a safe and comfortable place to live in, whether a permanent or seasonal home. The municipality is participating in a cooperation project in compliance with the North Ostrobothnian wellbeing agreement Muutos Nyt for 2013-2017.

The mission of the municipality is to care for the wellbeing of permanent and seasonal residents in Hailuoto and look after the natural resources and develop business and trade in the island.  In its operations, the municipality focuses on sustainable development principles and active cooperation with Oulu Region.

The entire municipality, i.e. the residents in cooperation with workers, management and appointed officials, are important in the enhancement of the good practices of healthcare and social services, enabling residents’ ownership and development of new approaches.

Everyone can make an impact with the way they choose to live on their health and overall wellbeing. Every resident can, on their own initiative, take the responsibility for their wellbeing and choices contributing to their good health. Hailuoto municipality will do its share on providing the residents services promoting wellbeing with consideration for the different needs of population within the capacities of the municipality.