Rehabilitative work activities

Rehabilitative work activities are tailored for people who are unemployed job-seekers. Work activities are meaningful as the customer’s capabilities are considered when tailoring the tasks to maintain and boost his or her work ability. In Hailuoto, we have resources for organising work activities 1 to 4 days a week, 4 to 8 hours a day.

Rehabilitative work activities are arranged at various service sectors in Hailuoto municipality. Also the congregation organises rehabilitative work activities. The purpose of such activities is to promote access work.

Rehabilitative work activities do not constitute an employment relationship. Persons participating in the work activities are insurance by the municipality and entitled to a free health check-up. A person participating in rehabilitative work activities is entitled to receive an extra 9 euros / day compensation in addition to unemployment benefit.

Hailuodon Paja

Hailuodon Paja is a programme providing rehabilitative work activities for unemployed locals in Hailuoto. Main work tasks may include

  • small-scale repair and restoration of furniture for private customers and municipal facilities
  • lawn-mowing, snow cleaning, firewood carrying for elderly or other special needs residents
  • bike repair and service
  • furniture recycling

When needed also other tasks suitable for Paja programme. Paja is open from Monday to Thursday at 8 am to 3 pm.

Contact details

Hailuodon Paja
Luovontie 61
90480 Hailuoto

Pertti Tero, tel. +35844 4973 509