Youth community centre Luukku

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Youth community centre Luukku is a young people’s space. Luukku lies in the centre of the village, opposite the bank and Sale store. Young people have turned Luukku into their place by redecorating it by painting the walls and decorating the premises.

Luukku has a lot of activities for young people. Young people are welcome to pop in for a cup of coffee and pass the time by playing pools, cards and board games, or Playstation 2 with e.g. Guitar Hero application. There is also a TV den and two computers available for young people.

On weekdays secretary of recreational activities works at Luukku in the capacity of a youth worker and on weekends local youth workers will be there.

Contact details

Youth community centre Luukku
Luovontie 139
90480 Hailuoto

Petri Partala
+35844 4973 566