Public transport

Hailuoto lies within easy access. Various means of transport can be used: come by your car, board a bus, sail a boat or fly over. A 30-kilometre asphalt road runs through the island with a variety of services along the way.

By car

Finferries ferries sail nonstop between Oulunsalo and Hailuoto and the voyage is free. For ferry timetables, please see Finferries webpage.

In winter, an ice road is used between the island and mainland with no need for time-schedules. The speed limit on the ice road is 50 km/h and the minimum distance between two vehicles 50 meters. The weight limit on the road is, depending on ice thickness, a minimum of 2,000 kg. Both wharves have directions to the ice road. When the ice road is open, Touhu-Palvelut Oy notifies general public about the road conditions in their Facebook page.

By bus

OuBus, bus number 59, drives between Oulu and Hailuoto daily. The buses are entitled to use the priority lane to enter ferries. Bus time-schedules are available in Oulu public transport web page.

By boat

You can also arrive by sea and moor at Marjaniemi or Huikuri guest harbour. For more information about guest harbours, please click here.

By airplane

Hailuoto airstrip is on the west shore of Pöllänlahti, at the end of Pölläntie, approximately six kilometres south from Hailuoto village. The airstrip has one 500 meter runway covered by sand and turf.

Oulu Airport, second only to Helsinki, locates in Oulunsalo, approximately 15 kilometres from the wharf for Hailuoto ferries.

A taxi service operates in the island.

Priority lane to ferry

Emergency vehicles and police, customs and border control vehicles in official duty are, in accordance with the Finnish law, entitled to the use of ferry priority lane before any other vehicle. Also vehicles carrying persons needing medical care or medical or veterinary practitioners or rescue workers on emergency duty have priority over other vehicles.

Furthermore, vehicles with passenger transportation licence, animal transport vehicles, vehicles on urgent road maintenance duty and L1 and L2 classified vehicles, i.e. mopeds also have priority.

And finally, Hailuoto residents are entitled to have priority based on their residence status. Priority may be applied from the licencing authority and is proved by plates attached to the windscreen and rear window.

Priority licences for ferries in Finland are processed by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Southwest Finland.