Municipal Council

Municipal Council exercises the ultimate decision-making authority in a municipality with members elected for a four-year period at a time by municipal elections.

Municipal Council for 2017-2021
Toppi Marjut, Chair Teacher of Mathematics Centre Party
Sauvola Leo, 1. Vice-Chair Carriage examiner, retired Social Democratic Party of Finland
Maikkola Minna, 2. Vice-Chair Special teacher Centre Party
Honkanen Sari Foreman Centre Party
Iljana Mikko Graduate engineer Centre Party
Kurikka Risto Farmer Centre Party
Louhimaa Raili Financial assistant, retired Left Alliance
Lumijärvi Riitta Teacher Centre Party
Patokoski Ahti Retired Centre Party
Pramila Sauli Boatman Centre Party
Rantasuo Pirkko Accountant Social Democratic Party of Finland
Rapinoja Susanna Teacher (M.A.) Left Alliance
Tero Jorma Carpenter Finns Party
Tuomikoski Mikko Chief Engineer National Coalition Party
Vähämetsä Arto Rural entrepreneur, Agrologist Centre Party
Välimäki Marko Fisherman Centre Party