Important phone numbers and links concerning the State of Emergency in Hailuoto/Finland and coronavirus situation

Important numbers and links concerning The State of Emergency in Hailuoto 


Hailuoto Community General Information number on weekdays 8-16 tel: 044 4973 500

Please call to the general Information in case you have questions concerning the State of Emergency in Hailuoto

Mental Support number every  day 15-19  tel: 044 4973 507

In case you have worries concerning the State of Emergency or coronavirus situation, please call Hailuoto Mental Support Number. This number is organized by volunteers.

Nationwide General Information about coronavirus tel:  0295 535 535.

Weekdays 8-21 and  Saturdays 9-15.

People over 70-years

As a general guideline, persons over 70 years of age must refrain from contact with other persons to the extent possible (quarantine-like conditions), with the exception of members of parliament, the state leadership and elected officials in local government.

In case you don’t have anyone to help you with the grocery or pharmasy visits, please call tel: 044 4973 522 during the office hours.

 Hailuoto Health Care numbers

 Office hours

 tel: 045 788 409 10

Outside office hours please call

16:00-22:00 tel: 050 590 1490 and during 22:00-08:00 please call 08 315 2655.

In the case of Emergency always call 112


Important links:

 Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL (information about coronavirus)


Finnish Goverment Press Releases

 Infomation on coronavirus


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