Roads, harbours and ports


The following roads, administered by The Road Authority and maintained by Oulu Road District, run across Hailuoto:

  • Road 816: Luovontie – Marjaniementie
  • Road 8162: Pölläntie
  • Local road 8674: Ulkokarvontie
  • Local road 8675: Sumpuntie

The Road Authority is in charge of the condition of the roads and their driveability. Road maintenance mainly safeguards daily traffic and provides safe transportation.

Deficiencies in road condition, lights or any traffic difficulties can be reported on the traffic helpline. The line is in operation 24/7 0200 2100

The customer service for the Road Authority, tel. 0206 90300 may always be called if you need to contact the Road Authority. The customer service will make sure that your enquiry or feedback will be responded as soon as possible, at the latest within two weeks from your contact unless the issue requires a more extensive administrative process.

The municipality is responsible for the condition of the roads that lie in the Keskikylä zoning area in Hailuoto.

  • Kaunakaupungintie, Sintantie, Ojakuja and Metsäkuja
  • Part of Pölläntie street lights

All other roads are private and their condition is the responsibility of the respective owner(s).


Huikku and Marjaniemi harbours are maintained and managed by Hailuoto municipality. Huikku harbour waterway is approximately 2 metres in depth and Marjaniemi about 4 metres respectively. The municipality rents berths for the boating season from May to October.

Additional information

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