Price list

Hailuodon Vesihuolto Oy price list €/excl. tax vat % €/incl. tax
Connection fee: water 1350,00 0 1350,00
Connection fee: sewer 4350,00 0 4350,00
Hydrant 60,00 0 60,00
Basic fee for water/year 72,00 24 89,28
Basic fee for sewer/year 144,00 24 178,56
Hydrant, consumption / year 15,00 24 18,60
Septic tank sludge /m³ 20,00 24 24,80
Closed tank waste water/m³ 10,00 24 12,40
Water /m³ 1,15 24 1,43
Sewer/m³ 1,85 24 2,29
Change of meter including gear 50,00 24 62,00


Adjustment invoice is based on the water meter reading given by the property-owner.  A property-owner shall read their water meter annually by 31 August. Property-owners will be sent meter card where to enter the reading by the owner or resident. No stamp is required when posting the meter reading card back to the waterworks office.

For households connected to the waste water disposal system, the respective invoice is based on the water meter reading submitted by the property-owner or resident. No domestic water from the mains which is not discharged to the sewer is not added to the invoice; neither is any run-off possibly drained to the sewer.

Hailuoto Waterworks invoicing is managed by Tilipalvelu Nissilä, tel. +35840 7485 339. All enquiries regarding invoicing, please contact Tilipalvelu Nissilä accountants.