New connections

New domestic water and waste water connections shall be arranged with Hailuodon Vesihuolto Oy. The terms of a building permit for a new construction usually state that the property shall be connected to the general waste water disposal system where possible.

In the areas where the necessary infrastructure exists, connecting to domestic water mains supply and waste water disposal system is mandatory for new buildings. Maps for domestic water mains and sewerage systems, please click here.

The waterworks determines the connection points and draws up plans on connecting private pipes to the system in cooperation with property-owners.

The property-owner shall pay for the construction of private pipework to the mains.  Private water pipe is the service pipe between the connection and the property. Waterworks services will calculate an estimate of the construction costs for the property-owner.

The total cost of connecting a property to water mains or waste water system consists of connection fees as stated on the price list and construction costs for the property.  The waterworks service makes an offer of the connection-related work for the buyer. The fees given in the price list refer to private buildings, e.g. one-family houses and holiday cottages.

Once the property-owner approves the offer given by the waterworks, the property-owner and Hailuodon Vesihuolto Oy sign a contract on connecting the property to the waterworks services. Usual delivery period for the connection to take place is 3 weeks from signing the contract unless otherwise agreed. The delivery date shall be entered into the contract.