Domestic water

Domestic water supplied by Hailuodon Vesihuolto Oy comes from Hyyppä groundwater area. Only a fraction of the groundwater resources in Hailuoto is used for supplying domestic water. In Hyyppä groundwater area, six raw water wells are in operation supplying water to Ojakylä water abstraction facility.

Raw water capacity is 12,000 m³ a month (400 m³/d), which is at the moment more than enough to satisfy current peak demand.

Groundwater level fluctuation and other possible effects on the environment are continuously monitored at the water abstraction facility. North Ostrobothnia Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment is the control authority in environmental matters.

Ojakylä Water Abstraction Facility

The plant supplies domestic water to approximately 850 consumption points totalling more than70,000 m³ a year. Raw water contains small amounts of iron and manganese. At the waterworks, water treatment process includes aeration, sand filtration, alkalisation, storage and distribution.

Domestic water quality control

Domestic water quality is good fulfilling all requirements listed in the Decree relating to the  Quality and Monitoring of Water Intended for Human Consumption 461/2000. Domestic and raw water quality is continuously monitored not only by self-monitoring but also by regulatory control.

Quality control is based on a waterworks-specific control and inspection programme performed by Hailuodon Vesihuolto Oy and the controlling authority, Oulu Region Environmental Services.  Lapin Vesitutkimus Oy, an environmental technology company, is in charge of any water quality analyses.

Domestic water connection to mains and water supply

Nearly 100 % of houses with permanent residents are connected to the mains water supply, with a total of 575 consumption points while 275 summer cottages and seasonal houses are connected to the mains water supply.  In other words, approximately 40% of seasonal residents are connected to the mains supply.

Domestic water mains supply covers most of the permanent housing neighbourhoods. Domestic water distribution covers also parts of the seasonal housing neighbourhoods and some isolated properties off the mains supply.