Buildings Management

Building management sees to building maintenance and services, tidiness of grounds and winter maintenance in addition to stairs and steps and general tidiness of the premises. Hailuoto municipality employs a construction professional and two janitor/maintenance managers who see to the maintenance and tidiness of municipal buildings. A property manager is in charge of the building maintenance.

In addition to the rental flats and houses, the municipality owns the Bothnian Bay Research Station and the huts and cottages by backpacking trails. Tmi Jari Piekkola, Trail Manager, is in charge of cleanliness and facilities of the resting spots.

Contact details of the property maintenance office:

  • Janitor/maintenance manager Rantasuo Seppo, tel. 044 497 3511
  • Construction professional Uusitalo Marko, tel. 044 497 3513
  • Technical manager Sami Kauppila, tel. 040 6835 750