Epidemic situation in Northern Ostrobothnia

Epidemic situation in Northern Ostrobothnia

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Epidemic situation in Northern Ostrobothnia


The corona epidemic in Northern Ostrobothnia is at a acceleration phase.

Confirmed coronavirus cases:


Coronavirus cases confirmed during the previous day


New infections in the previous 14 days


Incidence in the previous 14 days / 100,000 inhabitants

less than 5

The number of patients in Oulu University Hospital OYS


Total number of confirmed cases/infections

Recommendations and restrictions in force in Northern Ostrobothnia until 28.2.2021

Recommendations to public authorities

Public events

  •  The number of participants in both indoor and outdoor events shall be limited to 10 persons by the decision of Regional State Administrative Agencies.

Public spaces

  • Public spaces managed by municipalities may be kept open at the discretion of the municipalities and the local epidemic situation considered. This secures the right to the necessary services and services for residents.

Recommendation to residents, entrepreneurs and actors organising teaching

Mask recommendations (for over 12-year-olds)

  • Always in public transport and other public means of transport, e.g. taxis.
  • Persons going to a coronavirus test on their way to the test and before the test result
    is confirmed, if there is a compelling reason to move outside their home.
  • Tourists and travellers, who have arrived in Finland from a risk area, when they proceed from
    the point of entry to self-quarantine, or if they have a compelling reason to move outside the
    home during self-quarantine.
  • For healthcare personnel in all patient work. The recommendation applies also to patients,
    family and relatives, students and visitors.
  • Always in public indoor spaces and public events, including schools and educational institutions
    from middle school on.
  • The premises of private entrepreneurs (shops, banks, etc.)
  • Upper secondary education institutions (including general upper secondary schools, “lukio” in
    Finnish) and universities
  • In places of work indoor spaces, where the use of a mask is possible.

Private events

  • No private functions shall be arranged. Funerals and memorial services with a very limited gathering may be arranged.

Recreational group activities

  • All recreational group activities for over 18-year-olds shall be stopped. Where possible,
    recreational activities may continue remotely.
  • Recreational group activities for under 18-year-olds may continue with discretion. As for continuing recreational group activities for children and adolescents, municipalities will make the final decisions.

Public spaces

  • Entrepreneurs and actors are requested to close all public spaces in their use and under
    their control.

The elderly and risk groups

  • Public and private service providers shall increase protective measures in their operations
    and activities, to ensure protection of high risk groups from corona virus infection.
  • The procedures shall conform to the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) guidelines.

Arrangement of education

  • General upper secondary schools, vocational education institutions, liberal adult education
    institutions (for over 15-year-olds), universities of applied sciences, and universities will switch to distance learning. The recommendation applies to both public and private actors.
    The recommendation does not apply to essential contact teaching.
  • Necessary contact teaching in preparation for baccalaureate or other similar final examinations may be arranged.

Recommendation for remote working

  • Remote working is recommended to all employees to the widest possible extent.

Remote meeting practices

  • Remote meeting practices are recommended both in places of work and in leisure activity
    meetings as comprehensively as possible.

Restaurants, bars ans licensed premises

  • In compliance with the Government guideline